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A bit about us...

At Engineroom we offer a 

partnership dedicated to understanding and then realising your communication objectives, rather than simply selling you off the shelf solutions. 

Engineroom is a production resource - providing additional capacity and experience to our clients.


We specialise in creative technical support to production and logistic companies, as well as marketing and PR agency's. However that doesn't mean that we only do technical support. We want to be the engine at the heart of your live events; making them memorable, effective and easy for you to manage no matter what the size or shape. 


As well as our professionalism, attention to detail and experience, you'll find us fun to work with! 


We understand exactly how events tick, and work tirelessly to ensure the best solution is delivered on time and on budget.

David Mann
Gavin Green
Patrick Ryan

Gavin brings the creativity and passion, he comes up with ideas many say can’t happen, and are amazed when they do!  Always challenging the normal, and ensuring the best use of resources.


His role is to make it happen for clients. He is the key element to creating and running successful events.  He brings artistry and dramatic looks to any project, no matter what the size or scale.


Patrick comes up with technical solutions to the most complex ideas, or simply tells amazing stories to get you through sound check.  His proactive approach to any situation ensures all our clients have the best experience.

Nix Austen 

Having worked for some of the largest event agencies in the world delivering complex logistical solutions for a range of clients, Nikki is sure to have a solution for any challenge!


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